Let Me Hide My Dead Son, No One Will Know

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Let Me Hide My Dead Son, No One Will Know

Post  EdnaKrabappel on Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:55 am

This story just reeks of WTF, and yet we're the selfish ones for not breeding. Shit like this is part of the reason I'm pro-mandatory-abortion and pro-forced-sterilization.


Mother: I started to call 911, but ...

RALEIGH -- Sherita McNeil, the mother accused of killing her 19-month-old son and then concealing his death, told an investigator shortly after the boy's lifeless body was discovered that she had picked up the phone to call emergency dispatchers after he stopped breathing but then stopped out of fear.

The jury deciding McNeil's fate got to watch and hear the soft-spoken, emotionally distraught Garner woman tell an investigator how her son died and then how she first put his lifeless body in her bed and then in plastic and bleach-soaked sheets so no one would find out what happened.

McNeil is charged with the first-degree murder of DeVarion Gross, a toddler whose nickname was Poodie, and then concealing his death. Her trial began this week in Wake County Superior Court.

In testimony Friday, prosecutors showed jurors a video of McNeil taking an investigator through the apartment where her son's body was found in November 2008 and giving her account of his last minutes.

With a baby doll in her arms, McNeil re-enacts her account, telling the investigator that her son had been jumping up and down and then "boom" fell and smacked his head on a coffee table.

McNeil rushed to pick up her child, according to her videotaped account, but his eyes were rolling back, and he could not get a breath.

She put him down to grab the phone to call emergency dispatchers but then dropped it and never made the call. She said she was afraid of the boy's father, who was in jail, and worried about what might happen to her.

Prosecutors contend that McNeil's account of what happened conflicts with DeVarion's injuries, including broken bones.

Not only did medical examiner reports show rib fractures on DeVarion, but family members and some of the boy's caregivers testified throughout the week that they suspected DeVarion was abused and neglected.

The defense has not presented any witnesses yet.

McNeil wept Friday as video and audio tape was played.

In a videotape shown during the morning, McNeil told an investigator that after she dropped the phone, she took her son upstairs to her bedroom.

She placed him in her bed, where he remained, then eventually wrapped his body in a plastic bag and stowed it in a bedroom closet.

As his body decayed, she tried to keep people out of the upstairs of the home.

She wrapped a bleach-soaked sheet around the bag, according to one account.

McNeil's family was worried about the boy because no one had seen him for weeks.

Her brother found DeVarion's decomposed body in November 2008.

Law enforcement authorities estimate that he had been dead for weeks.


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Re: Let Me Hide My Dead Son, No One Will Know

Post  stephy1234 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:24 am

First of all what's up with the names DeVarion really? And who the hell gives their toddler a nickname Poodie no less!!

Anyway back to the subject to kill your own son and hide his body and not show any remorse untill you're actually caught that seems pretty psychotic to me.
There's been a shitload of cases here in the UK of women killing their kids and like you said we're the weirdo's for not wanting to bring kids into this messed up world.


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Re: Let Me Hide My Dead Son, No One Will Know

Post  Hateskids on Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:34 pm

With a name like "Poodie" he's better off getting whacked before he was school-aged.

Yeah, we're the bad guys because we're intelligent and self-aware enough to know we wouldn't make good parents.


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Re: Let Me Hide My Dead Son, No One Will Know

Post  Glurkster on Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:49 am

here here!

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Re: Let Me Hide My Dead Son, No One Will Know

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