12 kids both parents jobless and on benefits!

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12 kids both parents jobless and on benefits!

Post  stephy1234 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:14 am


New member here! I live in the UK and saw this little article in The Sun newspaper this morning.
Not the greatest newpaper in the world but this made my blood boil!

Ok hope this link works for everyone but if not let me fill you in 2 deadbeat parents have 11 kids and 1 on the way the government gives them a 5 bedroom house to live in and they claim 30000£ in benefits a year!

I earn 15000£ a year working 40 hours a week and receive 0 benefits the benefit system in the UK is messed up!

Seriously this is what I'm paying taxes for!
What's the message here have as much kids as possible and the government will just throw money at you.
And the worst thing is these kids will grow up doing the exact same thing it's a vicious circle. I like the idea of someone's comment at the bottom of the article to restrict child beneft to 2 kids after that you're on your own.
I think that's even to nice if people wanna have kids pay for them yourself for f*ck sake.


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Re: 12 kids both parents jobless and on benefits!

Post  CFJulia on Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:17 am

Damn parasites. Duh says:"we are not harming anyone". While they may not do physical harm, they rob the people out of their money. And last I heard, fraud is still a crime. I say, take the kids away from them and adopt them out to honest, hardworking folks. Folks who do not rely on others subsidizing litters after litters. Rolling Eyes pig


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